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Effective July 1, 2020, all Windsor Heights residents have the opportunity to be full-access patrons of the Des Moines Public Library.

Library Benefits

Access to the catalog and the 500,000+ books, CDs, DVDs, and audiobooks offered for checkout. A dedicated team of librarians works daily to make purchases specifically for DMPL patrons based on wait times, requests, and industry trends.

Free access to tens of thousands of downloadable eBooks and eAudiobooks on multiple platforms and apps, selected specifically by the team of collection librarians.

Free access to Kanopy, the streaming video service with thousands of classic and modern films for adults and children.

Dozens of digital resources, educational tools, digital programming, community resources, and much more at


How do I get a card?
Visit to get your card online. You can apply at any time and Windsor Heights residents will automatically get digital access.

Is the Des Moines Library open and do I have to wear a mask?
Please visit the Des Moines Library's website for the latest information on mask requirements and closures

Do I no longer have access to the Urbandale Library?
Windsor Heights residents still can use the Urbandale Library, but no longer have digital access there.

I had a Des Moines Library card years ago, can I still use it?
The Des Moines Library purges inactive members every three years so any cards older than that will not work. You will need to sign up for a new card.

Visit for more information.