Flood Reduction and Resiliency Plan


The Windsor Heights Flood Reduction and Resiliency Plans’ primary purpose is to determine effective strategies to minimize flood impact to public and private property and to increase flood resiliency for the City of Windsor Heights.

Through a community-based planning process, the City of Windsor Heights will consider technically feasible and cost-effective flood risk reduction actions along with public input to form actionable steps that not only protect lives and property but also decrease the threat of impact from future flooding events. To help us develop this plan, we asked our residents to complete a short survey about their flooding concerns. 

Story Map

To help residents better understand the threat of flooding and the Flood Reduction and Resiliency planning process, JEO Consulting Group (JEO) has created a story map. This includes background information, maps, key project tasks, and a space for public comment. You can view the story map at https://arcg.is/0jbyW4. It will be updated throughout the process.

Public Input

We'd like to hear your thoughts! Windsor Heights residents have until 10/29 at 5 pm to make a comment on the project or flooding concerns in the community. To comment, visit the story map here and scroll down to the public comment section.

Flooding Risk

Similar to many communities in the Des Moines area, Windsor Heights faces great challenges when it comes to reducing the impact and risk of severe flood events. Following the updates to the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s (FEMA) Flood Insurance Rate Map (FIRM) published in February 2019, approximately $15 million in property value was added to the City of Windsor Heights floodplain. Included in these properties were all of Colby Park, the Community Event Center, the Public Works Maintenance Shop, as well as numerous nearby residential properties. Because of the expansion of the community’s floodplain and the apparent flood risks, the City of Windsor Heights has chosen to invest in establishing this flood reduction and resiliency plan to protect residents, property, and the financial resources of the community.

Recorded Presentations



The City of Windsor Heights and JEO have hosted two virtual public meetings to provide an update on the Windsor Heights Flood Reduction and Resiliency Plan. At the meeting, attendees learned more about the planning process for the Flood Reduction and Resiliency Plan for the City of Windsor Heights, which is currently in development.