Mobile Food Units

All Mobile Food Units will require a license from the city. 

License requirements:

Complete application

Iowa Department of Inspections and Appeals License

Iowa retail sales tax permit

Proof of liability insurance

Commercial, automotive coverage for bodily injury, death and property damage with limits of liability of not less than one million dollars per occurrence and aggregate combined single limit.

City license required for a unit on private commercial property with the submission of the lease.

City affiliated events in Colby Park: 

City affiliated events will require a Special Occurrence Permit in addition to the license. There are 16 spaces available. Applicants can submit the Special Occurrence Permit application and fee at City Hall. These spots are on reserved a first come first serve basis. Once the 16 spots are filled, no more units will be allowed. Applicants must hang their permit in the rearview mirror of the unit for easy identification.

Hours of operation are 6:00 AM to midnight.

No reserving of spots.

Responsible for trash.

Must serve opposite of street side.

Private Events:

 If a resident or business owner is hosting a mobile food unit,  they are exempt from getting a permit as long as it’s on a private residential/business property such as a wedding or graduation. Mobile food units will still need a state license.