Permits & Inspections

How to Apply for a Permit

The City of Windsor Heights contracts permit and inspection services to Safe Building Iowa. To apply for a permit, please send your application and plans (as needed) to Emily from Safe Building at or call 515-333-4161. Safe Building will process your application and answer any of your questions. The City of Windsor Heights will contact you for payment once Safe Building has approved your permit. All payments are to be made to the City of Windsor Heights. Permits are not valid until payment has been made.

The City maintains sewer inspection services and handles sidewalk and driveway permits and inspections.


Please contact Safe Building Iowa (not the City) at 515-333-4161 or with any questions about the status of your permit.

Electrical inspections are handled by the state. For questions, please contact Steve Nisser at 515-210-7294.

Permit Applications