Annual Budget Report 

FY22 Budget FAQ

Click here to view an FAQ on common questions about the budget, budget process, taxes, and property values.

Budget Process

The annual budget process projects the City’s financial position and the dollars needed to provide services to the citizens of Windsor Heights. The budget report is required to be filed annually with the County Auditor as well as the Iowa Department of Management.

Prior to the budget filing in March each year, the City Council performs a budget development process through various meetings in January and February. 

State law requires reporting of the FY22 City Budget by 3/31/21. If necessary, City Council budget approval could occur later than the 3/15/21 date shown in this schedule.

Budget Schedule

12/4/20 — Departmental Budget Request Submitted to Administrator & Finance Director

12/18/20  —  Preliminary Budget Determined

1/8/20  —  Property Valuation Certified to City

1/11/211/15/21  —  Budget Committee Meeting and Individual Meetings with Council Members

1/18/21  — City Council Budget Review

1/25/21  — Budget Committee Meeting (if needed)

2/1/21  —  City Council Budget Review. Council approves Maximum Property Tax Public Hearing (to be held on 3/1/21)

2/10/21  —  Maximum Property Tax Public Hearing Notice sent to paper prior to 10 am

2/15/21  —  Publication of Maximum Property Tax Public Hearing Notice

3/1/21  —  Maximum Property Tax Public Hearing. Resolution for Maximum Property Tax is approved. Council approves Budget Public Hearing (to be held on 3/15/21)

3/2/21  —  Budget Hearing Notice sent to paper prior to 10 am

3/5/21  — Publication of Budget Public Hearing Notice

3/15/21  — Budget Public Hearing & Adoption of Final Budget

3/31/21 —  Approved Budget certified to Iowa Dept. of Management prior to 3/31/21

Annual Budget Documents