The Finance Department is the administrative arm of the City's financial operation. The department is responsible for maintaining a governmental accounting system that both accurately and fully discloses the financial operations of the funds and account groups of the City in conformity with generally accepted accounting principles.

Combined with budgetary data and controls, presented information enables the general citizenry to ascertain whether public funds are expended efficiently, prioritized, and allocated in a manner which is responsive to prevailing community goods and values.

About the Department

The Finance Department is responsible for the accurate and timely recording and reporting of all financial transactions of the City. Other responsibilities of the Finance Department include:

  • Processing and paying all invoices / bills for all City departments
  • Processing payroll for all City employees
  • Receipting deposits and posting all monies that come into the City from all City departments
  • Maintaining all City funds in various bank accounts and/or investments
  • Preparing monthly and annual Finance Reports
  • Processing bond proceeds and payment of principal and interest on the City's debt.

 In addition to the above responsibilities, the Finance Department prepares the annual budget as directed by the City Administrator.