City Council Goals

Adopted by City Council on February 6, 2023

Community Mission Statement

The mission of Windsor Heights is to provide our residents, businesses, and visitors a safe environment and exceptional city services through a team-oriented and fiscally responsible approach in order to create a unique, sustainably vibrant community.


Goal #1 – Focus City services, resources, and cooperative partnerships on creating and maintaining a safe community for all residents, businesses and visitors.

Objective A: Recruit and train quality staff while maintaining adequate staffing levels in all departments, including 24/7 paramedic staffing. 

Objective B: Implement policies and practices leading to clean air and protection of water resources – i.e. expanding anti-smoking initiatives and membership in Central Iowa Water Trails efforts.

Objective C: Replace aging vehicles and equipment and seek to transition to fuel efficient vehicles as practical.

Objective D:  The City should work to become the employer of choice for our employees, and perspective employees, by ensuring alignment of wages, benefits, and employee support to create a positive and engaging work environment.

Goal #2 – Develop and implement processes to ensure delivery of exceptional City services.

Objective A: Pursue shared and contracted services with neighboring community partners in service delivery on recreational programming, and traffic signal operation and maintenance.

Objective B: Revise the City’s code of ordinances to address outdated regulations.

Objective C: Improve the City’s enforcement of nuisance violations in an effort to cleanup properties throughout the community.


Goal #3 – Protect the financial future of the City through reasonable and well-thought-out fiscal policies and adherence to generally accepted government finance practices.

Objective A: Update the Equipment Revolving Program (ERP) annually.

Objective B: Update the Capital Improvement Program (CIP) annually.

Objective C: Balance the continuation of basic municipal services with the addition of new program initiatives considering the availability of financial resources long-term.

Objective D: Establish a standard budgeting process that will institute continuity that will allow multi-year analysis and decision-making.

Objective E: Receive a clean fiscal year audit report.

Objective F: Investigate and pursue new revenue streams.


Goal #4 – Create and maintain a high-functioning City team of elected officials, professional staff and volunteer board members via regular and pertinent training and continuing education opportunities.

Objective A: Review and revise the Council and employee handbooks.

Objective B: Identify and allocate resources to support ongoing employee training focused upon improving customer service.

Objective C: Develop a retention and succession plan to prepare for future employee turnover.


Goal #5 – Build a unique and sustainably vibrant community that contributes to the overall character of the Greater Des Moines region.

Objective A: Invest in art and culture opportunities unique to the region in cooperation with Bravo.

Objective B: Continue to invest, at the City level, in community events while fostering partnerships with the Foundation, Chamber of Commerce, and other community partners. 

Objective C: Invest in community artwork. 

Objective D: Continue implementation of the Colby Park plan; make decisions regarding  what to do with Lions Park; pursue new trails and bike hub facility; and initiate discussion for establishing a new northeast park amenity.


Goal #6 – Pursue a comprehensive economic development strategy that supports a healthy business sector and contributes to a better overall quality of life.

Objective A: Invest in a comprehensive marketing plan for business attraction using the community survey results. 

Objective B: Build on the existing partnership with local development partners.

Objective C: Establish a source of funding in support of property redevelopment and rehabilitation. Specifically focus resources in support of minority-owned business grants.


Goal #7 – Plan and invest in City infrastructure to ensure the long-term viability of the community’s roadways, utilities, parks, and public facilities. 

Objective A: Establish a long-term funding plan for streets, sewers, parks, storm sewers, city facility improvements, sidewalks/trailways, flood mitigation and other large scale investments.

Objective B: Expand existing community recreation options and pursue partnerships with the schools and other community organizations.

Objective C: Complete a long-term public facilities plan.

Objective D: Implement a plan to address Walnut Creek bank stabilization.

Objective E: Focus capital resources on improving safety and availability of pedestrian facilities. 

Objective F: Research and identify green technologies that could be made available to residents and businesses as a way of addressing environmental concerns.

Goal #8 – Pursue initiatives aimed at growing Windsor Heights as a diverse and inclusive community.

Objective A: Identify new and emerging housing sector needs and develop strategies to pursue.

Objective B: Plan and hold new multi-cultural special events with community partners.

Objective C: Maintain City’s commitment to unbiased policing and equal treatment of all residents regardless of age, race, sexual orientation, or physical disability.

Objective D: Pursue grant opportunities to encourage the growth of minority-owned businesses.

Goal #9 – Continually strive to better communicate with Windsor Heights residents to achieve the most transparent government and understand citizen viewpoints.

Objective A: Continue to communicate with residents through newsletters and look at other opportunities to communicate that will best serve the community. 

Objective B: Maximize the use of social media to offer multiple methods of disseminating information to the public.

Objective C: Develop a marketing plan to establish Windsor Heights as a destination for residents in the region.

Objective D: Continuously improve the City’s website to ensure accessibility by all. 

Objective E: Highlight programs in the metro area that can benefit Windsor Heights’ residents; Metro Home Program, Storm Water Best Management Reimbursement Program, Neighborhood Finance Corporation, etc.