“Welcome to the Public Works Department!”


Windsor Heights Public Works Department

Public Works is the Department that makes a city work. The next time you enjoy one of our beautiful parks take time to observe the results of the efforts of our Public Works Department. Whether you choose to walk, ride your bike, or drive, it's the efforts of the Public Works department that makes it possible.

The streets are cleaned and maintained by the Public Works Department.
The Traffic Control devices that allow us to safely navigate the streets are installed and maintained by the Public Works Department.

The manicured trees and grass cultivated by our Public Works Department.
The Public Works Department is the lead player in combating storms that could bring our city to its knees. Nobody needs to be reminded how important snow and ice removal is in the winter. Due to the storm sewers and flood control we are privileged to rarely have to think of the devastation that could be caused by water.

The Department consists of the public works director and 5 full time employees. During the summer, seasonal helpers are employed about 10 weeks. Some of the responsibilities of the Public Works Department are:

Street Maintenance (potholes, street repair, tarring, etc), street cleaning, snow and ice removal (on streets and on all City property), storm sewer repair (cleaning and inspections), sanitary sewer repair (cleaning, blocks, inspections), maintaining bike and walking trails, park maintenance, shelter house cleaning and upkeep, mowing all City property and some State right-of-ways, tennis court maintenance, trimming trees and bushes along streets and on City property, maintenance on vehicles for Public Works, Police, and some Fire vehicles, repairs and upkeep on all City buildings, traffic signal maintenance and repairs, street striping and curb painting, animal control, traffic signs (replace, repair, installation), storm cleanups, sidewalks (inspect, repair, installation), inspections for new driveways, sidewalks, sanitary sewers, and jobs contracted out by City, painting City buildings, inspection and repair of playground equipment, flood control and damage, and many other items.

S.O.S (Save Our Sewers)

Windsor Heights has an aging sanitary sewer infrastructure. Because sewer lines are old, they can crack and allow groundwater to infiltrate into them. Some residential properties also have foundation drains or sump pumps that tie directly into the sanitary sewer, which means that stormwater and groundwater are introduced directly into the sewer system. These are referred to as inflow and infiltration issues.

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