2020 Street Project Update

There are some major improvements coming to several roads in Windsor Heights. Here are updates on four large projects.

2020 City Overview Projects Map of Windsor Heights

University Avenue

Bids for the University Avenue project will be opened February 18th by the Iowa DOT. The project is expected to begin in April or May. The majority of the work is expected to be completed in 2020, but some work will have to be done in 2021. The project is a complete reconstruction of University Avenue from 73rd Street to 70th Street and an overlay from 63rd Street to 70th Street. A shared-use pedestrian and bicycle trail will be added to the south side of the road. Rain gardens will be added along the length of the corridor. There will also be streetscape improvements, wayfinding signs, trees, and DART stops installed as a part of this project.

69th Street and Allison Avenue

These two streets are being bid as one contract. There is extensive storm sewer installation occurring on Allison Avenue. A new water main is being installed on 69th Street from School Street to University Avenue. Bids will be opened February 20th. This project will begin in April or May and should be finished by the end of November. Both of the streets are having minor sanitary sewer repair work done while the street is under construction.

College Drive

Bids for the College Drive reconstruction will be opened February 20th. The street is being reconstructed, minor sanitary sewer work is being done, storm sewers and storm sewer intakes are being added, and portions of the water main are being replaced. The project will begin in April or May and should be finished by the end of November.

2020 PCC Patching Project

The three locations where extensive patching will be done on existing pavement are the bridge approaches on 73rd Street as the road crosses Walnut Creek, the outside southbound lane on the 900 block of 73rd Street near the entrance to the YMCA, and the intersection of 70th Street and Hickman Road south towards Wilshire Blvd. The pavement at these locations has deteriorated badly and is in need of patchwork. Public Works staff has spent considerable time filling potholes on these three stretches of road over the last five years. Plans for this project are still being put together and will be presented to the City Council in February. Construction is expected to happen any time during the 2020 construction season.

On all of the projects listed above, staff will work with the contractors to minimize disruption to traffic and access to driveways. We appreciate your patience as we work to improve our town’s streets.