Public Safety Director/Chief of Police


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Public Safety Director/Police Chief Chad McCluskey

Effective May 29, 2018, Public Safety Director/Police Chief Chad McCluskey was sworn in as Public Safety Director/Chief of Police for the City of Windsor Heights.

McCluskey spent 30 years in the Public Safety field as a member of the Augusta, Kansas Department of Public Safety where he was cross-trained as a firefighter and certified law
enforcement officer. During McCluskey’s career, he served as the Master Trainer for the Kansas Police Dog Association, a Field Training Officer, a SWAT K9 trainer, and a case law expert instructing other law enforcement officers across the State of Kansas on legal updates.

McCluskey completed Kansas Firefighter I certification, along with related training including, but not limited to, emergency medicine (former certification as a Kansas Emergency Medical Technician), rescue, technical rescue, confined space and water rescue.

McCluskey served on the Board of Directors for the White Eagle Credit Union, the Kansas Police Dog Association, the Augusta Community Foundation, and Leadership Butler. McCluskey also was elected by emergency services administrators in Butler County, Kansas as Chair of the Butler County Emergency Services Association, which had administrative oversight of an 800 MHz public safety radio system for the County.

McCluskey holds an Associate’s Degree in Fire Science, a Bachelor’s Degree in Criminal Justice, and a Master’s Degree in Business Administration with an emphasis on Human Resource Management. In addition, McCluskey is an adjunct instructor for three Kansas Community Colleges where he teaches law enforcement and fire science. McCluskey’s vast experience with law enforcement, firefighting, and emergency medicine will ensure quality and efficient public safety services continue to be delivered to the City of Windsor Heights.