Can I park on the street when it's snowing?

No. City Code Chapter 60.10.10 states it is unlawful to park on the street during any snowfall and 24 hours after the snowfall ends. Failure to do so may result in a $25 fine. This helps the snowplows quickly and efficiently plow the streets.

Who is responsible for clearing snow from sidewalks?

Sidewalks must be cleared of snow/ice by property owners 48 hours after the snowfall ends (City Code 136.03).

When is City Hall open?

City Hall is open to the public Monday - Friday 8 am to 4:30 pm. Wearing a face mask is encouraged.

How do I report a concern?

There are several ways to report a concern about a neighbor, a property, or other issues in the community.

  • Report a concern online. This can be done anonymously.
  • Send an email to City Administrator Dennis Durham at ddurham@windsorheights.org.
  • Call City Hall at 515-279-3662. City staff is happy to assist you during normal business hours.

Where can I get information about road projects?

Updates for current road construction projects are available on this page of our website. 

Can I put out a yard sign?

Yes, but there are some restrictions per City Code 175.03. Residents can have up to three non-temporary signs on private residential property that are smaller than four square feet in area. Official signs authorized by a government or governmental subdivision, including public schools, that give traffic, directional, or warning information, or other official information are allowed.  Temporary signs less than eight square feet for flat, or two-dimensional signs, or less than 64 cubic feet, for three-dimensional signs of displays are also allowed. Signs, including works of graphic art painted or applied to building walls are allowed. Signs cannot be placed in an area that blocks a driver's view of the road, on curbs or edges of two intersecting streets, on private ways, or courts or an intersecting street, or where court and driveway meet.

Can I park my car on the grass at my house?

No. According to City Code 174.08, parking is prohibited on gravel, regrind, crushed concrete/asphalt, sand, dirt, and grass.

Can I have a fire pit?

Open burning is not allowed in the City of Windsor Heights (City Code 105.05). That means that residents cannot have fire pits.  Outdoor chimenea fireplaces where there's a chimney or stack for the smoke to go through are allowed.

How do I get a permit for a home improvement?

Permit applications are available here and by request at City Hall. Permit applications are sent to Safe Building Iowa, the company that is contracted by the City to handle permits/inspections. They will process your application and answer any of your questions at office@safebuildingiowa.com or by phone at 515-333-4161. 

I'm building a fence, do I need a permit?

Yes. Please download a fence permit here and send it to Safe Building Iowa at office@safebuildingiowa.com. The City will contact you for payment once Safe Building has approved the permit.

Where can I vote?

The only in-person polling location in the City of Windsor Heights is the Windsor Heights Community Center located at 6900 School St. This is in Colby Park. Absentee ballots can be requested here.

Who are my City Council members?

All City Council members and terms are listed on this page of our website. To find their contact information, please click on their name.

When are City Council meetings?

City Council meetings take place on the first and third Monday of each month at 6 pm in the City Council Chambers at 1133 66th St. Click here to view recordings of City Council meetings. The written City Council Recap is available here.

Can Windsor Heights residents have chickens?

Yes, residents can have poultry and fowl ordinarily raised for the production of eggs or meat, not to exceed two in number considered together at or in a residential dwelling and maintained at all times in a pen and/or coup (City Code Chapter 55.02.03).

How many dogs and cats can I have?

Windsor Heights residents can have up to three dogs and three cats (City Code 55.02.01).

Do I need a license for my cat or dog?

Yes, and you can now apply for the license online here. Animals licenses need to be renewed every year.

Does the City have a dog park?

Yes, the City's dog park is located south of Colby Park and I-235, adjacent to the trail and Budget Storage. For the best access, park at Colby Park, (6900 School Street) and walk on the trail south. There is a separate area for small dogs. The park is free to use.  

My neighbor has long grass, how tall is it allowed to be?

Grass/ weeds cannot exceed six inches (City Code Chapter 50.02.10).

Do I need a permit to sell door to door?

Selling door to door requires a peddlers/solicitor/transient permit. Please contact the Police Department at (515) 277-4453. 

Do I need an inspection for my rental property?

Any rental property within the City of Windsor Heights must comply with regulations outlined in City Code Chapter 156. Inspections are required every eighteen (18) months in order to maintain a valid Rental Certificate of Occupancy. The property owner or property custodian must submit the Rental Property Registration Form to the Fire Department at 1133 66th St prior to scheduling any inspection.

I have a couch, fridge, mattress, or other items that are too large for my trash cart. How do I dispose of it?

Any item that is too large to fit in your trash cart will need a large trash sticker. These can be purchased online, at City Hall, or at several retailers around the metro. Some items like mattresses and appliances require more than one sticker. Click here to see how many stickers you'll need. To schedule pickup, please call Metro Waste Authority at 515-244-0021.

Where can I get a yard waste/Compost It cart?

Yard waste carts and stickers can be purchased and renewed online. Stickers need to be renewed every year. Click here to renew your sticker or purchase your first cart. The sticker will be mailed and the cart will be delivered to your home. Stickers are also available to purchase at City Hall.

When is trash/recycling pickup?

Trash pick up is every Friday and recycling is every other Friday shown as the black dates on Metro Waste Authority's calendar on their website.

I just moved to Windsor Heights. How do I get trash and recycling set up?

Call Des Moines Water Works at 515-283-8700. Garbage/recycling service begins when water service is requested. If it’s a new home, a cart will be delivered shortly after. Garbage/recycling service ends when water is canceled. When you move, leave your cart with the house.

What do I do if my trash/recycling wasn't picked up?

For missed trash pickup, call Ankeny Sanitation at 515-964-5229. For missed recycling, call Waste Management at 515-244-7336.

Is the Community Center available to rent?

The Windsor Heights Community Center and outdoor Pavilion are available to rent. Windsor Heights residents receive a 25% discount on the rental fee. Click here to learn more about the pricing, policies, and to request a date online.

What events are happening in Windsor Heights?

For a full list of City events, please visit this page of our website.