Tree Sapling Giveaway

The City of Windsor Heights and Keep Windsor Heights Beautiful will be giving away 200 trees and shrubs to residents on Friday, November 6th, and Saturday, November 7th at Colby Park. These trees are saplings, which means that they are young and small. Residents will need to bring an ID or piece of mail to show proof of residency. Please click on the links below to learn about the different types of trees and shrubs that will be offered.


Friday, November 6th 4-6 pm

Saturday, November 7th, 9-11 am

Colby Park

6900 School St, Windsor Heights

Types of Trees & Shrubs

Black Cherry Tree

Chinkapin Oak

Kentucky Coffeetree

Pin Oak Tree

Silver Maple Tree

Arrowwood Shrub

Wild Plum Tree

Redosier Dogwood Shrub

Arrowwood (Spring)