Parks & Trails

Colby Park

Colby Park is the signature Park for the City of Windsor Heights. The park is the location of the annual 4th of July Celebration, band concerts, and other community gatherings. The park includes a playground, trail, pavilion, ball field, and Community Center.

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Lions Park

Lions Park is a pocket park located behind the Public Safety Building at 1133 66th St. Read about suggestions for updates to Lions Park in the 2020 Park Plan.

Dog Park


The park is located south of Colby Park and I-235, adjacent to the trail and Budget Storage. For the best access, a person should park at Colby Park, (6900 School Street) and walk on the trail south.

View the Dog Park Rules (PDF).

The Walnut Creek Trail

The Walnut Creek Trail in Windsor Heights serves as an important trail connector for the West Des Moines suburbs. The trail follows North Walnut Creek and is a continuation of the Colby Woods Trail on its northern end. It links to the Clive Greenbelt Trail, which heads west and, in turn, connects to the Raccoon River Valley Trail, which spans an expansive 80+ miles. These 2 trails connect where North Walnut Creek merges with Walnut Creek near 73rd St and Buffalo Rd.

The Walnut Creek Trail has several amenities along its route including Clive Learning Academy playground, prairie gardens, benches, and trash receptacles. Near the south end of the 3.2 miles of trail, the Walnut Creek Trail also provides access to Colby Park, a signature recreational amenity for the City of Windsor Heights, where you'll find a community center, pavilion, ball fields, and a playground. Before it passes through Windsor Heights it connects to the Dog Park just off of Center Street.

From the park, the paved pathway winds through a wooded residential area. At its southern end, the Walnut Creek Trail connects to the Bill Riley Trail, which ties into Des Moines' expansive trail network.

Parking & Trail Access

Parking is available in Windsor Heights at Colby Park (at the intersection of 69th and School streets).