Flood Assistance Information

Building Permit Information:

The City of Windsor Heights is waiving all permit fees for repairs and improvements related to the recent flooding. The permit fees will be waived from July 9, 2018- October 5, 2018. You can locate our permits on our website here.  As you begin repairing flood-damaged areas,  please keep watch for scams and individuals posing as legitimate contractors. Please submit your permit before starting any work.  Stay in contact with your insurance provider and work only with licensed, reputable contractors.  Visit the Iowa Attorney General’s site for guidance on selecting contractors, https://www.iowaattorneygeneral.gov/for-consumers/general-consumer-information/home-improvements--repairs/natural-disasters-cleanup-and-repairs.  Any questions please contact City Hall at 515-279-3662.

Metro Home Improvement Program:

The City of Windsor Heights participates in the Metro Home Improvement Program. The Metro Home Improvement Program provides assistance is for housing repairs such as siding, roofs, windows, electrical and plumbing, as well as any city code violations up to $12,500. The awards are in the form of a five-year forgivable loan to eligible households with income less than 80% of the Area Median Income (AMI) for Polk County.

Eligible property types are single family dwellings and do not include mobile homes, homes being purchased on contract, duplexes or rental units.

The house assisted must be the primary residence of the applicant and assessed at or below $183,000. Property taxes, mortgage payments, and insurance must be current.

The Metro Home Improvement Program is administered by the City of West Des Moines.

The program is funded through the participating cities and the Polk County Housing Trust Fund. For further information or a program application, visit the City of West Des Moines Metro Home Improvement Program page or contact Christine Gordon or Kay Schoon at (515) 273-0770.

Polk County Emergency Management:

Polk County Emergency Management has provided additional resources and programs that residents can apply for. Below are some programs and documents that residents can look into.  Residents can also visit Polk County Emergency Management page for additional information and resources, https://www.polkcountyiowa.gov/emergency-management/emergency-preparedness/flood-resources/

Flood Mitigation Planning

FY 14-19 Hazard Mitigation Plan

FY 20-24 Planning Process for Hazard Mitigation

Resources from Polk County Emergency Management