2018 Street Rehabilitation Project-Patching


This project consists of rehabilitation of streets at various locations throughout the City of Windsor Heights, that includes concrete street patching.  The following streets are proposed to have  concrete patching:

  • 70th Street between Colby Avenue and Hickman Road

2018 Street Rehabilitation Project Map

Contract Amount                                                          

  • $237,200                                                                 

Estimated Start Date

  • April 16, 2018

Estimated Completion Date

  • August 31, 2018


  • Kingston Services, P.C.


  • Matt Ferrier and Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk  515-259-9190

City Staff Project Contact

  • Public Works Director Dalton Jacobus 515-645-6825

Project Status

  • The Contractor will be finishing up patching and surfacing grinding on 70th Street between Colby Avenue and Hickman Road the week of September 17th. Please follow traffic control signs to provide a safe work environment. All work is weather dependent. Please contact Bolton & Menk with any questions at 515-259-9190.  We have coordinated with the schools regarding the bus stops. The bus stops for the West Des Moines School District will be moved from the 70th Street pick up locations to 73rd Street.