2020 Compost It! Program Reminders

  • The 2020 Compost It! season runs weekly from April 10th through November 28th.
  • Winter Collection dates are January 2nd and 8th.
  • There are no changes to bag and sticker costs: Bags are $8 for a bundle of 5; Compost It! stickers are $1.25/each; Annual cart stickers are $105 (or $106 if renewing online).
  • Yard waste cart stickers and brochures were delivered March 1 to City Hall.

Visit the Metro Waste Authority’s website to renew online or find answers to your questions.

About Compost It!

A Compost It! cart is on wheels, just like your Curb It! recycling cart, making it a convenient alternative to yard waste bags. Simply wheel it to the curb on garbage day during Compost It! season. The 96-gallon cart can hold the equivalent of three yard waste bags, but you can always use the Bags & Sticker program if your yard waste exceeds the cart’s capacity. For more information, visit the Metro Wast Authority Cart Service page.

Yard Waste Bags & Stickers

Yard waste bags and bundles are collected from the curb weekly during Compost It! season, typically on garbage collection day. Click here for ways to participate and the costs.