City of Windsor Heights Incentives

The City of Windsor Heights offers grants, tax abatement and tax increments financing for economic development projects that provide new job and commercial tax base to the community.

Economic Development Grant Program

Windsor Heights acknowledges the importance of the success of local businesses for the promotion of economic development in the City. The Economic Development Local Business Support Program is designed to provide public support to the development and improvement of local businesses in the Urban Renewal Area.  

The City will provide financial support to the Program through the provision of economic development grants to local businesses. The grants will be targeted to assist local business owners with (i) façade improvement projects; (ii) building or land acquisition costs; (iii) capital improvements; (iv) job creation or training; (v) grease interceptor improvements; (vi) accessibility improvements; (vii) utility upgrades; (viii) site development; (ix) other projects approved by the City staff. 

Download the Economic Development Grant Application & Guidelines (PDF).

Tax Increment Financing (TIF)

Tax Increment Financing is determined according to the level of investment, the number of jobs created and the wage levels of those jobs.

In general, the City Administrator will provide guidance on development agreement drafting and City Council may approve tax rebates for five years.