Strategic Plan

City elected officials and department heads held a work session conducted by the IPA on December 11, 2017. In attendance and participating at this meeting were out-going Mayor Diana Willits, in-coming Mayor Dave Burgess, incumbent City Council Members Threase Harms and Zac Bales-Henry, out-going Council Members Steve Peterson, Betty Glover, and in-coming Council Members Joseph Jones, Mike Jones, and Mike Loffredo.

Also in attendance and participating in this session were City Administrator Elizabeth Hansen, City Clerk Marcia Woodke, Public Works Director Doug Stone, Police Lieutenant Rob Pearson, Communications Specialist/Deputy City Clerk Jessica Vogel, Building and Zoning Official Sheilah Lizer and Interim Fire Chief Tim Kurth.

2018-2020 Goals and Action Plan
2018-2020 On-Going Projects