The Police Department checks houses for residents while they are away. You are encouraged to notify the Police Department when you will be away and leaving your home unoccupied. Time and manpower permitting, the Police will visually check your home several times a day and log all comments. To provide the best possible service, the Department has made it as convenient as possible to request vacation house checks on your home.


  1. Please submit the form at least 5 days before you leave. This allows our staff to distribute the information to the Police Officers on patrol.
  2. Complete all fields in the form as completely as possible
  3. Always include emergency contact information

To submit a request for vacation watch, please submit the form online OR forms are available at the Police Department located at 1133 66th Street.

(Please submit at least 5 days in advance of leaving)

Vacation Watch Application

(Please submit at least 5 days in advance of leaving)