Phone Numbers and Websites

For waste removal issues, please call ASI. For recycling issues, please call WM.

Licensing Pets

Animals are required to be licensed in the City of Windsor Heights on an annual basis. Registrations are due between January 1st and March 31st each year. After March 31st the penalty will double the registration amount. In order to obtain a license, a pet owner must present a current rabies vaccination certificate and proof of altering from your pet's Veterinarian. Annual Pet License cost is $15.00 for altered pets and $25.00 for unaltered pets. Should your pet become lost or you find a lost pet, please contact the Windsor Heights City Hall at (515) 279-3662.

Even if registered, pets are never permitted to run at large in the city and must be on a leash or confined at all times. If a pet is at large, it will be impounded and the owner charged a fee. The impound fee and boarding fee charges are:

  • $75.00 for first impound
  • $100.00 for second and subsequent impounds
  • $20.00 per day boarding fee

Pet owners are required to pick up and dispose of all pet waste.
Failure to comply with this ordinance is a misdemeanor.

Voting Information

Windsor Heights residents are required to register with the Polk County Election Office in order to vote in Windsor Heights elections. This may be done by filling out and mailing a voter's registration card. For more information call Polk County Election Office at (515) 286-3247. To find your polling location, click here.

People living in Windsor Heights Precincts will vote at the following:

  • Precinct 1- Windsor Heights Community and Events Center, 6900 School Street
  • Precinct 2- Windsor Heights Lutheran Church, 1240 66th Street
  • Precinct 3- Windsor Heights Community and Events Center, 6900 School Street

Voter Registration

The Official Iowa Voter Registration Form may be accessed here.

Absentee Ballots

If you will be absent on Election Day or want to avoid lines, you can request an Absentee Ballot here.

Postal Information

The City of Windsor Heights is serviced by the 50324 zip code and serviced by University Place Station located at 2323 Forest Avenue in Des Moines.

School Districts

  • Today, Windsor Heights is served by two school districts; residents east of 70th Street attend the Des Moines Independent School District, and residents west of 70th Street attend the West Des Moines Community School District. Please contact the respective school districts for specific information.
  • Des Moines Schools: 515-242-7911
  • West Des Moines Schools: 515-633-5023

Property Taxes

  • All property taxes for the City of Windsor Heights and all other local municipalities are collected by Polk County. The property valuation is determined by the County Assessor and taxes are paid at the County Treasurer's Office. For persons considering purchasing property in Windsor Heights, the County Assessor 's website provides accurate tax and property information.
  • County Treasurer's Office: 515-286-3041
  • Assessor's Office: 515-286-3386

Parking & Snow Ordinance

    (Code of Iowa, Sec. 321.236 [1]) No person shall park a vehicle upon public property for more than 24 hours, unless otherwise limited under the provisions of Section 60.10.01 of this subchapter, or for any of the following principal purposes:
    1. Sale. Displaying such vehicle for sale.
    2. Repairing. For lubricating, repairing or for commercial washing of such vehicle except such repairs as are necessitated by an emergency.
    3. Advertising. Displaying advertising.
    4. Merchandise Sales. Selling merchandise from such vehicle except in a duly established market place or when so authorized or licensed under the Code of Ordinances.

According to Chapter 57.11 of the City Code, it shall be the responsibility of the abutting property owners to remove snow and ice accumulations promptly from sidewalks. If the property owner does not remove snow and/or ice accumulations within a reasonable time, the City may do so and ultimately assess the costs against the property owner for collection in the same manner as property tax. For purposes of enforcement, a reasonable time period generally shall be 48 hours after the snow or ice accumulations end.

If you park a vehicle on the street, under Chapter 25.110, it is unlawful to park on any streets during the time of snow falls and within the 24 hours following the end of the any snow. Failure to remove said vehicle can result in a ticket and/or impoundment.

The snow removal policy adopted by the City Council states, “snow placed in driveways by City plows is the responsibility of the property owner to remove. Snow from a private driveway may not be placed on or pushed across a City street”.

These ordinances are for the safety of all Windsor Heights citizens and will be strictly enforced.

Towing from Private Property

  • 52.02 AUTHORITY TO TAKE POSSESSION OF ABANDONED VEHICLES. A police authority, upon the authority’s own initiative or upon the request of any other authority having the duties of control of highways or traffic, shall take into custody an abandoned vehicle on public property and may take into custody any abandoned vehicle on private property. The police authority may employ its own personnel, equipment, and facilities or hire a private entity, equipment, and facilities for the purpose of removing, preserving, storing, or disposing of abandoned vehicles. A property owner or other person in control of private property may employ a private entity which is a garage keeper to dispose of an abandoned vehicle, and the private entity may take into custody the abandoned vehicle without a police authority’s initiative. If a police authority employs a private entity to dispose of abandoned vehicles, the police authority shall provide the private entity with the names and addresses of the registered owners, all lienholders of record, and any other known claimant to the vehicle or the personal property found in the vehicle.
  • Illegally Parked Vehicle Form

Windsor Heights Dog Park

The new park is open and ready for everyone to use with their favorite dog! The park is located south of Colby Park and I-235. For the best access, a person should park at Colby Park, (6900 School Street) and walk on the trail south. For complete rules and regulations, please click here.