Are you ready to fix your home sewer problem?

Follow these first few steps to get moving with your project-

  1. Hire a plumber to inspect the sanitary sewer line looking for any signs of possible inflow and infiltration (groundwater getting into the sanitary sewer line). According to Windsor Heights City Code, noted below, it is prohibited to allow surface water or groundwater to enter the sanitary sewer system.

    95.04 PROHIBITED ACTS. No person shall do, or allow, any of the following:

    2. Surface Run-off or Groundwater. Connect a roof downspout, sump pump, exterior foundation drain, areaway drain, or other source of surface run-off or groundwater to a building sewer or building drain which in turn is connected directly or indirectly to a public sanitary sewer.

    Below are some key items the plumber will look for:
    • Orangeburg
    • Cracked sewer pipes
    • Roots in the sewer line
    • Foundation drain connections into the sanitary sewer line
    • Sump pump connections into the sanitary sewer line
  2. If any of the above or another problem is seen, get an estimate for repairs from a plumber or multiple plumbers. If you have any of the above problems, it is highly likely that you have inflow and infiltration. Because I/I has been found, it is highly recommended that the entire sanitary sewer line be replaced or sliplined.
  3. Contact Neighborhood Finance Corporation at 515-246-0010 for financing to complete the project. The city will inspect the project as the plumber does the work in order to assure the line does not allow for groundwater infiltration.