08 Mar 2017

 The City of Windsor Heights has hired Bolton & Menk to design the City’s 2017 Sidewalk Improvement Project. The proposed improvements call for new sidewalk to be installed and is tentatively scheduled for installation during the 2017 construction season.

The initial phase of the project will consist of gathering existing information and surveying the project area, including the street and areas in the front yard of your property (up to your house/garage). Property pins may also be located. Bolton & Menk crews are in the process of conducting these surveys and their vehicles are clearly marked with the Bolton & Menk logo.

As the design advances, you will be notified when public information meetings are scheduled, so that the full scope and timing of the project can be presented to you. This will also be a good opportunity to address any specific questions you may have about the project with the City staff and Bolton & Menk.

Please direct any question you may have to Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk project engineer at (515) 259-9190. Thank you for your cooperation.