Surveying on March 8,2017


 The City of Windsor Heights has hired Bolton & Menk to design the City’s 2017 Sidewalk Improvement Project. The proposed improvements call for new sidewalk to be installed and is tentatively scheduled for installation during the 2017 construction season.

The initial phase of the project will consist of gathering existing information and surveying the project area, including the street and areas in the front yard of your property (up to your house/garage). Property pins may also be located. Bolton & Menk crews are in the process of conducting these surveys and their vehicles are clearly marked with the Bolton & Menk logo.

As the design advances, you will be notified when public information meetings are scheduled, so that the full scope and timing of the project can be presented to you. This will also be a good opportunity to address any specific questions you may have about the project with the City staff and Bolton & Menk.

Please direct any question you may have to Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk project engineer at (515) 259-9190. Thank you for your cooperation.

Current Projects for 2017/2018


The following is a list of infrastructure, stormwater, parks and trail, and community projects in Windsor Heights. Each one is in various stages of project life. Please check back for frequent updates.

2017-18 Capital Improvement Projects (CIP)

Notice to Bidders (PDF):  TBD

Project Location Map (PDF)

Project Description: The 2017 CIP improvements are to be bid in two separate contracts, including the following:


Sunset Terrace Project

Project Description: This project consists of reconstruction of streets, sewers, and water main from 6500 Sunset Terrace to 73rd Street.  Phases 1-4.

Project Timeline (PDF): TBD

Contract Amount: $1,497,275.60

Estimated Start Date:

     Phase 1 complete December, 2016 

     Phase 2-4:  Start March 27, 2017

Estimated Completion Date:   August 31, 2017

Contractor(s):  Sternquist Construction, 515-975-3642

Engineer:  Matt Ferrier and Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk  515-318-8082

City Staff Project Contact: Public Works Director Doug Stone 645-6825 or Building and Zoning Official TBD

Project Status: 


70th Street to 73rd Street


The Contractor placed temporary seed and hydro mulching to protect the dirt from erosion.  Later summer or early fall they will come back and do final grading and permanent seeding of the disturbed areas.  This time of year with hot temperatures and little rainfall is not ideal for permanent seeding.


66th Street to 68th Street 


The Contractor will be replacing sanitary services that have Orangeburg pipe from the sanitary main to the right-of-way the week of July 24th.  A water main connection at 68th Street and Sunset Terrace will also occur.  There may be   If you experience any issues with water pressure or have rust or dark colored water, please stop running the water and call Wyatt Klooster, Bolton & Menk, at 563-249-1719.  He will assist you with the process. 


All work is weather dependent, including heat.

The Contractor plans to work Saturdays if weather permits.  All work is weather dependent.

Click here for Neighborhood Finance Corporation Information, Apply now for forgivable loan options. 

Sunset Terrace Public Information Presentation from March 21,2017

Sunset Terrace Construction Newsletter


Sidewalk Improvements Project

This project consists of new constructed sidewalk on one side of the streets iof the following:

  • 64th – College to University
  • 64th – Northwest Dr. to Franklin
  • Del Matro – 73rd to 64th St.

Notice to Bidders (PDF):  Notice  Plans Specs

Project Location Map (PDF):  TBD

Project Timeline (PDF): 2017-2018 Sidewalk Project Timeline Assesments

Contract Amount: $904,334

Estimated Start Date: July 17,2017

Estimated Completion Date: November 30, 2017

Contractor(s):  Kingston Services PC. Kingston Services has vast amount of experience in constructing sidewalks and has installed $400 million in sidewalks. Kingston understands each project has it's own uniqueness. 

Engineer:  Matt Ferrier and Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk  

City Staff Project Contact: Public Works Director Doug Stone 645-6825

Project Status:

The Contractor will continue pouring sidewalk and driveways on Del Matro Avenue between 70th Street and 73rd Street along with yard grading work.  The next block, between 70th Street and 68th Street, is tentatively scheduled to start Monday, July 31st.  Residents along that segment will be notified when to remove vehicles from driveways.

Residents looking for a quote to redo the remaining part of their driveways can call Kingston Services at 515-221-9832.  This work will not be part of the project.  All work is between the homeowner and contractor.

All work is weather dependent, including heat.

If you have any questions, call Wyatt Klooster, Bolton & Menk, at 563-249-1719.  He will assist you with the process and answer your questions.

2017 Construction Letter to Del Matro 

April 10th City News Hour Presentation

Sidewalk Improvement Questions and Answers May 2017





NOTICE IS HEREBY GIVEN: that there is now on file for public inspection in the office of the City Clerk of Windsor Heights, Iowa, a proposed resolution of necessity, an estimate of cost, and a plat and schedule showing the amounts proposed to be assessed against each lot and the valuation of each lot within a district approved by the council of Windsor Heights, Iowa, for a sidewalk improvement of the type(s) and in the location(s) as follows:


            See Exhibit A


The council will meet at 6:00 p.m., on May 15th, 2017, at the Windsor Heights City Hall, 1133 66th Street, Windsor Heights, Iowa, at which time the owners of property subject to assessment for the proposed improvement or any other person having an interest in the matter may appear and be heard for or against the making of the improvement, the boundaries of the district, the cost, the assessment against any lot, or the final adoption of a resolution of necessity. A property owner will be deemed to have waived all objections unless at the time of hearing the property owner has filed objections with the clerk.


University Avenue Corridor Redesign- Concept Design

This project consists of identifying need to respond to the changing demographics within the community and the expectations for a safer, more vibrant and user friendly commercial core. 

Notice to Bidders (PDF):  TBD

Project Location Map (PDF):  TBD

Contract Amount: TBD

Estimated Start Date: July 10,2017 

Estimated Concept Completion Date: March 5,2018

Contractor(s):  TBD

Engineer:  Matt Ferrier and Justin Ernst, Bolton & Menk  

City Staff Project Contact: Public Works Director Doug Stone 645-6825

Project Status:  The University Avenue Corridor Redesign was kicked off at the City News Hour on July 10,2017.  We have appointed the complete streets advisory committee and selected stakeholder groups for this project. 

University Avenue Corridor Redesign Kick-Off Presentation

University Avenue Proposed Timeline

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