Victim's Rights Notification - Crime Victim Registration

A crime victim may be eligible for compensation from the Iowa Crime Victim Compensation Program for certain costs relating to his/her victimization. These losses generally relate to medical and counseling assistance required as a result of the victimization, loss of wages, etc., but not for replacement or repair of property damaged or stolen. For information please call the Crime Victim Compensation Program at 515‐281‐5044 or 1‐800‐373‐5044.

For other victim services, such as counseling and support, information on other forms of assistance and help with the criminal justice process, please call Polk County Crisis and Advocacy Services at 515‐286‐3600.

If the victim is a child you may call Youth Law Center at 515‐244‐1172 regarding the assistance of a Guardian Ad Litem during Court proceedings.

If you are in need of shelter services due to a domestic abuse assault or threats or have questions regarding counseling or safety planning, please call the Family Violence Center at 515‐243‐6147, or call the Statewide Domestic Abuse hotline at 800‐942‐0333.

Anyone can register with Crime Victim Information and Notification Service (VINE) – You can sign up to be automatically notified when a Defendant has been released from the Polk County Jail or an Iowa Prison by calling Iowa VINE at 888‐742‐8463 or on the VINE website at

As a victim of a crime, you have several rights:

  • Notice of defendant’s release from jail and terms of release, including appeal bond.
  • Notice of defendant’s escape and/or final release from local custody.
  • Notice of the scheduled date, time and place of trial, and the cancellation/postponement
  • of any court proceeding requiring your attendance as the victim.
  • Notice of any plea agreements related to the crime in which you are a victim.
  • Notice of the time and place for you to make an oral victim impact statement, in the
  • presence of the defendant, if an oral impact statement is desired.
  • Notice of all dispositional orders of the case in which you are a victim.
  • Notice of on‐going prison status until final discharge, if defendant is given prison term.
  • Notice of defendant’s release from prison on appeal bond.
  • Notice of all dispositional orders for a case on appeal in which you are a victim.
  • Notice of parole hearings, if defendant is given a prison term.

If you want to be provided with this information, you must register with:

Polk County Attorney’s Office
206 Sixth Avenue, Suite 112
Des Moines, IA 50309

Or call 515‐286‐3057, and ask for the Victim Liaison assigned to your case.