The Windsor Heights Police Department began its reserve unit in the fall of 2011. These officers risk a great deal to volunteer in a profession that is inherently dangerous. Often times reserves will have a career interest in law enforcement or may just want to give regular service to their community in a unique way. Their primary mission is to provide assistance to our regular full-time force and offer added personnel resources for special community events or high profile incidents. Reserve police officers are volunteers in police service but do receive annual compensation of $1.00 per Iowa Code (Chapter 80F). This is done to cover any duty related injury or line-of-duty insurance claims.  In some instances reserve officers may also receive compensation through the Police Association for extra duty assignments at special events or holiday activities within the community, but the majority of their activities are done out of free will and a commitment to on-going community service. 

Windsor Heights Police Reserves go through an extensive vetting process. All reserve applicants must complete and pass much of the same initial testing as full-time police officer candidates.  This includes but is not limited to: physical agility testing (Cooper standards), oral board interviews, extensive background investigation, medical screening and more. Each reserve officer is required to become certified by the State of Iowa as a Certified Reserve Officer.  The certification process consists of extensive in-house use of force training where candidates experience being sprayed with pepper spray, being Tased, ASP baton training, ground fighting, weapon retention drills, and must post qualifying scores with lethal and less lethal force options. In total there are six (6) training modules where candidates learn police procedures, criminal law, constitutional law, defensive tactics, vehicle operations, firearms, and other aspects of law enforcement.  These modules total eighty (80) hours of training and typically take upwards of one year to complete.  Each candidate is also required to pass practical and written assessments, complete several hours of ride time on uniformed patrol, and are required to work through each of the Department’s field training tasks.

Windsor Heights recruits annually for people interested in a reserve officer appointment.  Once the candidate has passed the initial testing and use of force practicals, the chief will officially appoint him/her as a Windsor Heights Reserve Police Officer.  He/she will then be required to attend department meetings, training, and work a minimum of twenty-four (24) hours per quarter.  All required training, uniforms, and equipment are provided by the Department. 

Volunteering to serve our community and its police department is an honor and privilege.  It is a respected position that involves a substantial level of interest and long-term personal commitment. The Patrol Commander, Lieutenant Trace Kendig, serves as the Reserve Liaison Officer for this agency. For additional inquiries about joining the WHPD Reserve Unit or to find out when the next recruitment process will begin, please contact Cpl. Siepker at Reserve officers serve at the pleasure of the Chief of Police.

Police Reserve Unit