Q: Does the Police Department offer vacation watches on residential homes?
A: Yes, the Police Department does check houses for residents while they are away. You are encouraged to notify the Police Department when you will be away and leaving your home unoccupied for extended periods. Unobligated time and staffing allocations permitting, the Police will visually check your home daily and walk the perimeter weekly. To provide the best possible service, the Department has made it as convenient as possible to request vacation house checks on your home.


  1. Please submit the form at least 5 days before you leave. This allows our staff to distribute the information to the Police Officers on patrol
  2. Complete all fields in the form as completely as possible
  3. Always include emergency contact information

Fill out the form online and hit the submit button OR forms are available at City Hall.

Q: I need to be fingerprinted for a job application, professional license or other required reason. Will the Windsor Heights Police Department do this?
A: Yes. Fingerprints can generally be done Monday - Friday from 8am to 4pm. There is a $15.00 fee per card that is usually tax deductible if it is an employment expense. We accept cash or check; if you wish to use a credit card there is a $1 surcharge. Please bring a government issued form of identification. Please allow thirty minutes in your schedule to accommodate this request.

Q: In my neighborhood I see things that are out of place, unusual or people who are suspicious. I don’t really feel comfortable with calling the police. What should I do?
A: Remember that this is your neighborhood and a responsibility of being a good citizen. Call 911 to report it and explain why you think this situation is “suspicious”. Because of constitutional protections, the police must have a legitimate reason to contact someone. Your observations and explanation of why this person/situation is suspicious will more than likely determine the officer’s response on the call.

Q: Should I install a burglar alarm in my home?
A: There is no clear answer and is more a matter of personal choice. Keep in mind, a burglar alarm is not a guarantee that you will not become a burglary victim. An alarm may provide a deterrent. Alarms should only be used as a backup to physical security such as adequate lighting, deadbolt locks, closed and locked windows/garage doors.  The police department offers a home security survey to residents to assess some of these security countermeasures. Please contact the Traffic & Community Safety Coordinator to schedule an appointment for this service.

Q: What can I do about speeding vehicles on my street?
A: Contact the Police Department at 515-277-4453 during business hours and report your concern. We will deploy one of our mobile enforcement units and/or conduct a speed study of the area to monitor and log all traffic. If a problem is identified, officers will take additional criminal enforcement action as necessary.

Q: What do I do if I get annoying, threatening or obscene phone calls?
A: Particularly in the event of a threatening call, report it to the police. Note the number(s) that the call(s) came from if you have caller ID, or if you used the *69 feature. If this is an ongoing problem, keep a written log of the dates and times of calls, what was said, if the caller is male or female or known to you, and anything unusual or distinctive about the call or caller. In the case of threatening or obscene calls, contact the phone company as well. In most cases, they require a police case number before they will do anything such as putting up a “trap” on your line.

Q: If someone is going door-to-door selling a product, do they need a permit?
A: Yes. All panhandlers, solicitors, peddlers, or transient merchants are required to apply for a permit at City Hall. A background investigation is completed on the individual(s), and if a permit is granted by the police department, it must be carried with the individual. Also, most non-profit organizations are required to register with City Hall prior to outreach initiatives. To verify active permits or inquire/complain about specific solicitors, contact the Police Department at 515-277-4453.

Q: Why did the officer follow me for six blocks before stopping me for a violation?
A: Police Officers will attempt to stop you as soon as practical after a violation, but a number of factors must be considered for a safe traffic stop. Those factors include: roadway geometrics, traffic volume, lighting, roadway environment, etc. The officer considers these factors and will try to stop in an area that will present the least amount of hazard to you, the officer, and other motorists.

Q: Why did the police officer tell me to stay in my car after s/he stopped me for a traffic violation?
A: The two main reasons that we have people remain in their vehicles are:

  1. Officer Safety. It has been proven that the safest way for an officer to approach a vehicle is to the occupants remain seated in the vehicle.
  2. Occupant and Driver Safety. The people in the vehicle are safer if they stay in the vehicle, rather than getting out and possibly stepping into the path of an oncoming car.

Q: I received a seat belt ticket. When I asked the officer why he had stopped me he said it was for the seat belt violation and no other reason. I've been told you couldn't be stopped or ticketed for not wearing a seat belt if you were not violating any other laws.
A: The Code of Iowa, with very few exceptions, requires all front seat occupants of a vehicle to properly wear seat belts. All children under eighteen years of age, no matter their position in the vehicle, must be properly secured in a seat belt. Any child under six years of age, no matter their position in the vehicle, must be properly secured in an approved child restraint system or safety harness. Please go to the “Safety Tips for Kids” link on this website for additional information on child passenger restraints.

Q: I received a ticket for a window tint violation. The officer said that the State Code required a minimum of 70% light transmission and I was ticketed for 18%. How is it legal for the dealer to apply darker than legal tint if it is illegal?
A: Most window tint dealers require you sign a waiver acknowledging you are aware the tint is in violation of the State Code and you are subject to citation if stopped by the Police. Others just plainly do not mention it.