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The Windsor Heights Police Department fulfills records request during normal business hours, Monday through Friday from 8:00 a.m. to 5:00 p.m. You may also visit our Reports page and enter a search for public information.

Open Records Request Form

Here is a quick reference list regarding examination of records:

Examination of Records

  1. Requests for public records or the examination thereof, shall be accepted in person and should be accepted when other forms of legitimate and understandable communication are used to include:
    • Written
    • Electronic
    • Telephone/fax
  2. Requests will be fulfilled as promptly as circumstances allow, in an impartial and objective manner. Iowa Code 22.8(4) allows a reasonable delay to determine whether a record should be available.
    • A delay shall not exceed 20 calendar days
    • Typically should not exceed 10 business days
  3. The requestor is NOT required to identify themselves for the purpose of requesting or examining a public record, except when required by:
    • Court orders
    • Autopsy reports, Iowa Code 22.7(41)
    • DOT accident reports, Iowa Code 321.271 – Accident reports are releasable to any person involved, the person’s insurance company or its agent, or the attorney for person involved.

Confidential Public Records

Public records that are confidential SHALL NOT BE RELEASED or made available for inspection. Public records considered confidential by Iowa code include, but are not limited to:

  1. The identity of a child victim or any information reasonably likely to disclose the identity of a child SHALL NOT be released to the public unless authorized by the court of jurisdiction.
  2. Intelligence data pursuant to Iowa Code 692.8A
  3. Registered victim information pursuant to Iowa Code 915
  4. Social Security Numbers (Federal Privacy Act)
  5. Identity of child victim under the age of 12 pursuant to Iowa Code 232
  6. Iowa DOT accident reports, except:
    Pre-sentence investigation reports
    • Upon the request of any person involved
    • The person’s insurance company or its agent
    • The attorney for such person
  7. Minutes of evidence
  8. Investigative reports/autopsy reports of Medical Examiner 22.7(41)
  9. DCI criminal history information pursuant to Iowa Code 692.8A
  10. Work products of an attorney including the City Attorney pursuant to Iowa Code 22.7
  11. Peace Officers investigative reports including supplemental reports, in-car and interview camera footage, photos, emails, phone records, etc. pursuant to Iowa Code 22.7(5)
    • When disclosure would plainly and seriously jeopardize an investigation;
    • pose a clear and present danger to the safety of an individual or officer;
    • fall into classification of ‘pending legal action’ per the Polk County Attorney’s Office opinion of State vs. Neer.

NOTE: the date, time specific location and immediate facts and circumstance surrounding a crime or incident shall not be kept confidential. These facts will normally be represented in the initial incident report or call for service log which will serve as fulfillment of the open records request for the immediate facts surrounding a case.