Police Logo   Windsor Heights Police Department
1133 66th Street
Windsor Heights, Iowa 50324
Phone: 515-277-4453


Windsor Heights Police Mission Statement

It is the mission of the Windsor Heights Police Department to safeguard the lives and property of the people we serve, to reduce the incidence and fear of crime, and to enhance public safety while working with the community to improve their quality of life. The women and men of this agency, in partnership with the community are committed to providing quality, professional police services to our citizens and visitors through the preservation of peace, order, safety and problem resolution. Our duty is to do so with honor and integrity while at all times conducting ourselves with the highest ethical standards.

With this mission and to those ends, we shall:

  • Preserve and uphold the values of the U.S. Constitution and dedicate ourselves to the preservation of liberty and justice.
  • Perform all of our respective patrol, investigative and support functions to the best of our ability with the highest degree of fairness, professionalism and integrity, and shall protect the inherent rights of the people to live in freedom and safety.
  • Strive for vigilance and proactively patrol the jurisdiction to seek out, interrupt and prevent crime and disorder.
  • Provide educational programs to our citizens in order to decrease fear of victimization as well as provide citizens the ability to more effectively protect individuals and the community from crime.
  • Strive to improve and maintain the quality of our working environment for all department employees by engaging in open and honest communication and demonstrating a genuine concern for each other.
  • Hold true to our core values and use them as a basis for all departmental actions.