WHPD K-9 Unit

In 2012, the WHPD was able to add a full-time Canine Unit to assist the Department in its efforts to detect crime. Argos is a Belgium Malinois. Malinois are a similar breed to the German Shepherd, but are known for their great agility and work ethic. The name "Argos" comes from a faithful dog to the King of Ithaca in Greek mythology.

Officer Bill Canada is the K-9 handler. Prior to his service with Windsor Heights, Officer Canada served with the Virginia Beach Police Department. Officer Canada has specialized training in narcotics, gangs, SWAT, RAD, and is a Field Training Officer.

Argos lives with Officer Canada and his family. Officer Canada's family has welcomed Argos into their home and they help with his basic daily care. Argos was trained and purchased from Canine Tactical in Chariton, Iowa. Argos started training at a very young age to become certified as a dual purpose service animal.

Prior to serving our community, the K-9 team underwent an intensive multi-week training program with instructor Joshua Morton, owner of Canine Tactical. Morton is a retired Navy SEAL who trained K-9 teams for the military. Officer Canada and Argos currently maintain annual certifications from independent accrediting organizations in narcotics detection and patrol tactics.

Certifications Argos Maintains:

  • Narcotics Detection
    1. marijuana
    2. methamphetamine
    3. cocaine
    4. ecstasy
    5. heroin
  • Building, Article, Area Searches
  • Handler Protection
  • Tracking
  • Obedience
  • Run & Recall
  • Criminal Apprehension

Thank you to our generous supporters:

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The Police Department accepts on-going donations to support the K-9 program. Tax deductable contributions can be made to the City of Windsor Heights K-9 Fund.