Windsor Heights Police Department Community Policing Statement

The Windsor Heights Police Department believes there are four core values when providing safety to the public we serve. It is important to perform each of these independently as well as present them in a unified format. The officers of this agency will work with commitment and focus to establish the following concepts, while building lasting partnerships within the community.

The first area identified for specific concentration in our community policing model is the quality of protection we provide. When the worst case scenario hits a community, the police must respond swiftly to counteract the threat and deploy resources promptly to affect a positive outcome on the circumstances at hand. At times, this may mean a frightening incident has occurred in our community. The officers of the Windsor Heights Police Department will work to effectively restore peace and order with great efficiency.

The second aspect vital to our community policing model is delivery of service. This is the most basic function provided to a community by a police department. When a citizen summons the police, do they come? How quickly? Are they responsive to his/her needs? Is the appropriate intended outcome reached in a timely fashion? Were referrals to other resources made when needed and were matters sufficiently documented? This area of policing is typically the most commonly observed and critiqued by citizens. The officers of the Windsor Heights Police Department will strive to provide professional service with due diligence and care for our citizen customers.

The third element of community policing we will embrace is enforcement. This is a concentrated undertaking to ensure the safety of the community and reduce perceptions of fear through the use of state laws, municipal codes, and standard operating procedures. Data driven information is utilized at this level to guide problem‐oriented policing. Enforcement endeavors will also be focused towards community needs and expectations. The officers of the Windsor Heights Police Department will sustain proactive law enforcement efforts throughout our community.

The final core value of community policing that this agency subscribes to is our contribution to on‐going education. Often times policing agencies get so focused on ventures in protection, service, or enforcement that they forget about their obligation to community interactions. The public needs to see police officers, at all levels of this organization, outside the normal lines of communication that come with typical law enforcement responsibilities. As police professionals, when things go wrong in our community, we have a responsibility to evaluate whether or not there is a need to educate our residents, businesses, and visitors. Crime prevention and community outreach will be a thriving part of our police organization. The officers of the Windsor Heights Police Department will act as resources to all sectors of the public within our community. Our programs will extend into the school systems, give attention to the family unit and the business professional, and focus on being a resource to seniors. Additionally, we will act as a catalyst in bringing neighborhoods together and creating stewardship among residents. Outreach will also occur to civic organizations and open relationships will be built with diverse racial, ethnic, and secular groups.

We live in a world where change comes quickly and technologies advance rapidly. Law enforcement in the 21st century will have new demands placed on it like never before. As we move forward, it will be vital to the success of this organization to have strong partnerships in place with its residential and business community members. We pledge to provide a well‐rounded approach to policing the community we serve.

No law enforcement agency will ever eliminate crime, but with a concentrated, holistic approach to Protection, Service, Enforcement, and Education we can work to displace it. These are our core values. Please partner with us in our efforts.