Protection - Service - Enforcement - Education    

Chief of Police Interim Chief Derek Meyer
Support Services Division Invest: Detective Pearson
  TCSC: Officer Norris
Patrol Division Corporal Siepker
Windsor Heights Police Department Emergency Dial - 911
1133 66th Street Non-emergency 515-286-3632
Windsor Heights, IA 50324 Administration 515-277-4453


The Windsor Heights Police Department is a full service law enforcement agency that recognizes its most valuable resource is a close relationship with the community  and its contributors. To that end, the department fosters a true community philosophy and encourages personal and professional growth for all members. It is staffed by the best equipped, trained and dedicated professionals in the business. Agency personnel consistently strive for higher levels of excellence ensuring that their responsibilities are met and that the community's needs are satisfied, doing so with honesty and sincerity for the good of the public. As a small police department in the Des Moines metropolitan area, we take great pride in providing high quality service in the most cost effective manner possible. Our staff receives all of the specialized training and technological tools necessary, including mobile data computers, in-car video cameras and other needed safety equipment to best serve the citizens of Windsor Heights.

The Windsor Heights Police Department has an authorized strength of thirteen full-time and four part-time officers. Full-time officers either work the uniformed Patrol division or in the Support Services section; part-time officers serve in the agency's ASAP unit (Alcohol Safety Action Program) and target impaired drivers during peak enforcement hours. The department also employs two full-time civilian personnel as administrative support clerks, one crossing guard and several on call matrons. Dispatching services are provided by the Polk County Sheriff's Office.

This organization holds to a philosophy that crime knows no boundaries and thereby strives to establish strong working relationships with surrounding communities and embraces several multi-jurisdictional relationships with organizations such as the Central Iowa Traffic Safety Task Force (CITSTF), Metro STAR, Polk County Emergency Management, Polk County Crime Stoppers and various state and federal law enforcement partners.

The foundation of this agency is built upon the core values of Protection, Service, Enforcement and Education. Please explore the links to the left to learn more about the community policing philosophies this agency embraces and the services we offer.








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