Stormwater Ordinance

After years of degradation of Walnut and North Walnut Creeks from the effects of stormwater runoff, the City of Windsor Heights has enacted a new ordinance that will manage stormwater runoff from redevelopment projects in the future.

As the city developed, all of the stormwater generated from streets, parking lots, roof tops and other impervious surfaces was directed by pipes to the creeks without any treatment, causing flooding and erosion of the creek banks. The Windsor Heights Planning Commission and City Council began work in March of 2013 to develop an ordinance that protects the creeks and treats stormwater runoff as a sustainable resource instead of a waste product.

The ordinance is based on the concepts of Better Site Design and Low Impact Development, which protects open spaces, reduces impervious surfaces through more effective site design, manages stormwater runoff on site through practices like rain gardens that promote infiltration and filtration of the runoff, capture and reuse of the runoff to provide irrigation, and the use of native plantings to reduce the need for fertilization and irrigation.

Please contact Sheena Danzer at City Hall if you would like to learn more about promoting sustainable practices in Windsor Heights.