Walnut Creek Watershed Coalition

Formed in 2012, the Walnut Creek Watershed Coalition (WCWC) is dedicated to partnering with local governments, businesses, non-governmental organizations and individuals to promote and encourage sustainable management of the Walnut Creek Watershed. This grassroots organization began with people gathering for a creek clean-up and has expanded to include a broad range of projects, intent upon protecting and improving Walnut Creek’s water quality and fostering a sense of ownership and stewardship among those who live, work, and play within this watershed.

The primary focus of the Coalition is promoting an awareness of our place in the watershed. Having residents become aware that this waterway is named Walnut Creek or North Walnut Creek, and is in the Walnut Creek Watershed is a key early step. To that end, the WCWC partnered with the City of Windsor Heights to install watershed signs at the Walnut Creek Bridge on 73rd street and the North Walnut Creek Bridge on College Avenue. Signs are also going up next to the creeks along the Windsor Heights Trails and in Colby Park. Through raising this awareness, hopefully people will think how their actions impact the creek, and they’ll be encouraged to make their impact a positive one.

The WCWC has also begun a rain barrel program to reduce run-off into Walnut Creek. Through a partnership with the City of Windsor Heights to start, the WCWC hopes to expand this program to other communities and schools in the Walnut Creek Watershed. The intent of the Windsor Heights rain barrel program to not only provide a rain barrel to residents who wish to have one, but to allow residents to take an active role in reducing storm water runoff. The WCWC has provided rain barrels to the City of Windsor Heights at no cost, with the proceeds used to maintain the program in perpetuity. Stormwater runoff is a serious issue, as is water conservation. Through purchasing a rain barrel (or two) a resident can make a positive impact right in their very own backyard.

The WCWC will continue to support other local groups and municipalities, working together to promote sustainability and education from a watershed approach.