Code Enforcement is responsible for the enforcement of a variety of municipal ordinances which were created to promote the health, safety, and welfare of our citizens. This important program enhances the quality of life in our city and helps to maintain healthy neighborhoods free of unsightly or hazardous conditions that can have a negative impact on surrounding property values.

If you wish to register a code enforcement complaint please contact City Hall at 279-3662. Please be aware that the only way to ensure accurate follow up on Code Enforcement issues is to include your name and phone number when you submit the form. Code enforcement complaints can also be made online.

If your reported concern has the potential for police involvement or criminal charges, please contact the Windsor Heights Police Department at 515 286-3632 to report your observances as they occur. The police department will also need your cooperation as an identified witness in court if you wish to pursue criminal charges.

Although including your contact information is optional, it may help with enforcement.