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Windsor Heights Planning & Building Department

The Planning and Building Department assists the community with building or property development projects and handles inspections. If you are planning on starting on a project within the City, it is best to first contact the Planning and Building Department for permits that may be needed to comply with City Code. The City issues permits for commercial and residential buildings, remodel projects, fences, signs, decks, driveway/sidewalk, plumbing and mechanical permits. The Planning and Building Department may also answer questions regarding history of a property for permits; you may contact us to investigate when a structure or dwelling was built and by whom.

The Planning and Building Department works closely with the Planning and Zoning Commission and Board of Adjustment. The Planning and Zoning Commission oversees the administration of the Comprehensive Plan, zoning, and long-range planning projects. The Board of Adjustment is a quasi-judicial board that hears appeals involving hardships resulting from strict application of the zoning ordinance. Under certain circumstances the Board may grant variances to code requirements. The Board also rules on a variety of other discretionary permits. 

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Please take a moment to complete our stormwater survey!

Help keep winter salt and sand out of Walnut Creek!

At your home, you can prevent pollution to the river and backwaters by limiting the amount of salt and deicers you use on your driveways and sidewalks. One teaspoon of salt can contaminate five gallons of water!

--As a rule of thumb, if there is a layer of salt remaining on your driveway after the ice melts, you used too much salt. If you do have excess sand or salt, sweep it up and throw it away so that it is not washed into the storm sewer.

--The earlier you shovel after a snowfall, the less likely you are to need salt.

--Consider using an anti-icing agent before it snows. It will prevent the snow from bonding with the pavement and speed the melting process.