The Windsor Heights Fire Department provides a highly trained and well-equipped team of professional firefighters earning its reputation for excellent customer service by a long tradition of professionalism and caring.

Severe weather is part of life in Iowa. Preparing for the consequences of severe weather takes education and planning on each resident's part. Severe weather is a part of every season in Iowa, whether severe thunderstorms, flooding and tornados in Spring, Summer and Fall, high heat conditions in the Summer and blizzards in the winter. Be prepared; be safe by reading our natural hazards information.

Alert Sirens

  • Are tested the 1st Saturday of each month at noon (weather conditions permitting) - Should a siren near your house not sound during the test, please contact the Fire Dept. at 515-279-3662 (Monday - Friday).
  • The sirens will alarm for several minutes. We do not issue “all clear” signals- if you hear a second alarm after an initial alarm, this indicates another tornado or other warning has been issued.
  • Citizens should monitor radio or TV broadcasts and stay abreast of weather warnings. Persons should always take shelter during any severe weather warning, click here to learn about Tornado Safe Rooms from FEMA.

We recommend that Windsor Heights residents consider purchasing a weather radio. Weather Radios receive National Weather Service broadcasts and will automatically issue a warning in case of a weather alert.

Des Moines National Weather Service


The western border of the City of Windsor Heights is partially formed by Walnut Creek. Limited areas of the City may be affected in the 100 year flood levels. Property owners and residents near to the 100 year flood levels should be aware of the possibility of flooding and take actions to reduce the damage caused by floods. For more information, contact the Windsor Heights Fire Department.