EMS Services

The Windsor Heights Fire Department provides a highly trained and well-equipped team of professional firefighters earning its reputation for excellent customer service by a long tradition of professionalism and caring.

The Fire Department provides a high level of emergency medical response in the pre-hospital care area. Department personnel respond to all medical emergencies reported in the City of Windsor Heights, regularly assist the Clive Fire Department via automatic aid agreement and provide mutual aid medical response to surrounding communities.

All medical emergencies in Windsor Heights receive Paramedic or higher level care through an innovative partnership with the neighboring Clive Fire Department. For all medical emergencies in Windsor Heights, an on-duty Paramedic Unit from Clive also responds - guaranteeing rapid response and a high level of care. Depending on the nature of the illness or injury, either a Windsor Heights or Clive Paramedic will care for the patient and determine the level of care needed prior to transport to the hospital if needed.

Paramedic or higher care provides advanced life support care - including the administration of drugs, advanced cardiac care and airway techniques. This advanced level of care affords the best possibility of survival and recovery of those patients requiring hospitalization.

The Department includes staff with a variety of Iowa EMS certifications, from First Responder to Paramedic level.