Windsor Heights Fire Department Association

The Windsor Heights Fire Department provides a highly trained and well-equipped team of professional firefighters earning its reputation for excellent customer service by a long tradition of professionalism and caring.

This website pays tribute to the many selfless men and women, who through the years performing tasks of incredible complexity, handling crises, following through tedious, painstaking work, with persistence and excellence.

While it has always been the job of the Fire Department to rescue people trapped in burning buildings and to extinguish fires, that role has been expanded to include rescue operations in a wide variety of other circumstances including the removal of people trapped in vehicles following an automobile accident, building collapse, and entrapment. The Fire Department also provides emergency medical services and hazardous materials first response.

The Windsor Heights Fire Department delivers big city services on a small city budget. Through aggressive delivery of safety education, fire prevention, disaster management, the Windsor Heights Fire Department combats a potential killer that lurks in every neighborhood.

On this web site learn simple steps that can be taken to prevent the devastating loss of your home and your loved ones. Find consumer safety information, research, and activities aimed at reducing hazards in your home and business. The Windsor Heights Fire Department's progressive effort to keep citizens informed is designed to protect human life and property.

The Windsor Heights Fire Department was recently recognized in Fire Engineering Magazine!Fire Engineering is a very popular fire service trade publication with worldwide circulation. To view the WHFD’s article, please click here.