Interested In Renting the Windsor Heights Community & Events Center?

Please follow these steps-

  • View the Community and Events Center rental calendar to look for an available date. Rentals on the calendar note which section of the building or if the entire facility is being rented
  • Once you find an available date and time, review the Windsor Heights Community and Events Center Guidelines and Fee Structure.
  • Complete the Facility Use Agreement- submission of the Facility Use Agreement does not guarantee rental availability or rental confirmation. Your rental is not confirmed until it appears on the Community and Events Center Calendar.
  • Email the completed Facility Use Agreement and Alcohol Responsibility Agreement to The Parks Special Events Coordinator will then review the documents to verify everything was completed correctly, and that the space, date and time are available. Even if alcohol is not being served, the Alcohol Agreement must still be completed.
  • The Special Event Coordinator will then respond to your email, assigning a value to the rental that will be noted on the Facility Use Agreement. At that time, you will be asked to pay the rental building deposit. The deposit amount will vary based on the rental guidelines. Deposits can be paid by check or cash.
  • Once the deposit has been paid and all agreements have been returned and signed, your rental will be added to the Community and Events Center Calendar. Additionally, a $250 security damage/cleaning deposit check is required for all rentals. The check is held and not cashed unless a problem arises. This check is due at the same time you return the Facility Use Agreement.
  • At this time, your rental will be confirmed and added to the Community and Events Center Calendar. The Parks and Special Events Coordinator will stay in touch with you throughout the rental period to make sure payments are made on time.

Agreements & Guidelines


  • If paying rental deposits by check, please address to ‘City of Windsor Heights’
  • Deposits can be sent to:  City of Windsor Heights, 1133 66th Street, Windsor Heights, IA 50324, ATTN: Special Events Coordinator or they can be dropped off at City Hall or the Community and Events Center

Please contact 279-3662.