08 Sep 2016

To our residents,

The city was not aware that the Des Moines Water Works  was shutting off your water today.  Thanks to those citizens that called in so that we were made aware of the situation.

We are learning that the shut if off at Sunset Terrace from 68th Street to 63rd Street.  Our engineer Project Manager, Nicole Sungren, nsungren@msa-ps.com  told us that residents should have received notification via doorknockers yesterday from Des Moines Water Works.  The information on the door knockers stated that the water shut off would last from 8am to 5pm today.  Residents can contact the Des Moines Water Works (DMWW) Inspector onsite today if they have questions or concerns.  His name is Doug Anderson and his cell number is 515-210-8254 and his email is danderso@dmww.com  Or feel free to contact Nicole at her email above.  In the future, all water shutoffs will be posted on the website well in advance with the affected residences listed and the DMWW contact information.

Thank you for your patience.