13 Oct 2016

Central Iowa Televising (CIT) will be onsite along Sunset Terrace starting Monday, October 17th for approximately 3 days to televise the sewer laterals within the street right-of-way from 73rd Street to 6500 Sunset.  They will not need entry to property owners’ homes since they will be gaining access to the laterals from the sewer main in the street.  Please be alert of any temporary traffic control set up as they need to have their vehicles set up around the sanitary manholes as they scope the system.  They are only televising from the main to the edge of the City’s right-of-way and not back to private residences.  CIT will provide the City’s Engineer the footage of the televising that will provide locations of the laterals and the material of the pipe.  The Engineer will provide a summary of the pipe materials to the City at which time it can then be distributed to residents for review.   This information can be used in determining if the laterals under the street are Orangeburg and should be replaced at the time of the construction project.  Please contact Nichole Sungren with MSA at nsungren@msa-ps.com or at 515-635-3404 if you have any questions.