27 Sep 2016


The Contractor is anticipating paving Phase 1 mainline on Thursday (09/29), excluding the north and south legs of the intersection of 66th Street.  After the pavement cures (5-7 days), the contractor will install subdrain behind curb and through the intersection and complete the intersection paving.  Driveway paving will follow after that. 


After much discussion and deliberation during our weekly construction meetings over the past few weeks, it was decided on Friday to delay the start of Phase 2 until next year (April).  In light of the delays from the sewer lateral work, the weather and the fact we are almost into October already, the Engineer, Contractor and the City were in concurrence that it was in the best interest of the project and residents to delay the start of Phase 2 until the spring of 2017.  The worst thing that that could happened is that we could start Phase 2 and we would not be able to complete it before winter hit and have residents not being able to access their properties over winter.  

 The Contractor will provide an updated schedule to residents in early March as we prepare to resume construction for spring.   Thank you for your patience during this process and please contact Nichole Sungren at nsungren@msa-ps.com or at 515-635-3404 if you have any questions.