29 Aug 2016


The Contractor is currently making the water service transfers.  The transfers will continue into next week.  During these transfer residents might notice mineral deposits in their toilet bowls and in the aerators of their sinks.  This is caused by the mineral deposits in the services lines that are flush loose during the transfer and is completely normal.  Depending on the amounts residents might want to scoop on the deposits out of the bowl and unscrew the aerators and rinse them off.  Due to the weather and other unforeseen events, the Contractor is the process of preparing an updated schedule at this time but it was not ready in time for this update.  Please see the City’s website for the updated schedule as it becomes available.


Courtesy Cart Usage

The courtesy cart is available for Phase 1 residents for use while the roadway is closed.  The courtesy cart (golf cart) is available to transport residents to and from their parked vehicles to their residences while the roadway is closed to vehicular traffic.  The courtesy cart contact phone number is (515) 975-2749.  The cart is available Monday through Friday from 7 am through 5 pm and on Saturday from 7 am through 12 pm. 

Garbage collection during roadway shutdown –

Please place your trash can at the end of your driveway as you would have normally done and the contractor will take care of getting it to a spot that the pickup service will collect it.  Then the contractor will return your trash can after collection to the end of your driveway.  The contractor will put a temporary sticker/tape on it to mark the address so they will not get mixed up. 

Please check on the City’s website and Facebook page for updates, including the Contractor’s most current schedule, as they become available. The schedules will be included with the updates only if they have changed.  



MSA Professional Services          

1.)    Nichole Sungren, Project Manager          515-635-3404 (Office), 515-205-0883 (Cell)


2.)    Jason Miller, Secondary Contact                                515-635-3402 (Office), 515-979-5540 (Cell)


3.)    Richard Harris, Project Inspector               515-291-3500 (Cell)

4.)    Justin Pettit, Project Inspector                   309-333-8937 (Cell)


Sternquist Construction (Prime Contractor, Paving)

1.)    Brad Freeman, Project Manager               515-961-8127 (Office), 515-975-3642 (Cell)



JRS Excavating (Sub Contractor, Utilities)

1.)    Ethan Williams, Project Foreman              515-250-4924 (Cell)



City of Windsor Heights

1.)    Doug Stone, Public Services Director       515-645-6825 (Office), 515-402-3208 (Cell)