05 Aug 2016


 Water main testing was completed and after a rain delay, the Contractor closed the Phase 1 roadway to traffic on Thursday.  Next week the Contractor will begin work on the sewer laterals under the roadway and water main services.

 Just as a reminder - Phase 1 residents are now required to park their vehicles on side streets since they will no longer be able to access their driveways.  The courtesy cart is available for Phase 1 residents for use while the roadway is closed.  The courtesy cart (golf cart) is available to transport residents to and from their parked vehicles to their residences while the roadway is closed to vehicular traffic.  The courtesy cart contact phone number is (515) 975-2749.  The cart is available Monday through Friday from 7 am through 5 pm and on Saturday from 7 am through 12 pm.  The roadway closure will remain in effect until the pavement has been cured (approximately 09/05/16).  After that the Contractor shall open the road partially to complete the remaining tasks.  The estimated completion date at this time is September 16th.  

Garbage collection during roadway shutdown –

Please place your trash can at the end of your driveway as you would have normally done and the contractor will take care of getting it to a spot that the pickup service will collect it.  Then the contractor will return your trash can after collection to the end of your driveway.  The contractor will put a temporary sticker/tape on it to mark the address so they will not get mixed up. 

 Please check on the City’s website and Facebook page for updates, including the Contractor’s most current schedule, as they become available. The schedules will be included with the updates only if they have changed.