12 Apr 2016

Starting on Tuesday, April 12th, Veenstra & Kimm (V&K), contractor for the City’s Washington Avenue Sanitary Sewer Relief Project, will be working to complete punch list items associated with the project. V&K will be working on these deficient items for the rest of this week and will have temporary lane closures in the east bound lane of Washington Avenue at the intersection of 73rd Street. Washington Avenue will also be down to one lane near the address of 7222 Washington in the east bound lane for approximately 30 feet of curb repair. The closure at 73rd Street will have some impact to traffic coming off of 73rd Street as it will be at the intersection. The other closure at 7222 Washington should have minimal affect due to its short length. The driveway damage, specifically due to the project will need to be coordinated with the residents and will be done at a later time. This is to minimize any inconvenience as much as possible