08 Nov 2013

Did you know...

The City of Windsor Heights has a rental property certification program?  In 1997, the Windsor Heights City Council adopted the Uniform Housing Code, 1997 Edition, and the Recommended Minimum Housing Standards, 1986 Edition, as the City Rental Housing Code.  The Code applies to all properties or portions thereof which are occupied on a rental basis or if in return for housing, a tenant agrees to occupy and maintain the premises and pay utilities.

All owners of rental property must comply with the Code standards.  All property owners shall submit an application requesting a rental certificate.  Such application shall be accompanied by an inspection fee.  A copy of the fee schedule is enclosed.  Upon receipt of an application, the City conducts an inspection of the premises and issues Rental Certificates.

Below is a brief outline of the Rental Registration process:

  • The property owner completes an application for a rental registration.  The completed registration form must accompany the appropriate registration fee.
    • Registration fee:  $75.00
    • Inspection fee:  $75.00
    • Conversion fee to a rental unit if not previously a rental unit:  $250.00
  • The property owner contacts the City of Windsor Heights to schedule an inspection visit. 
  • The inspector will visit the property and conduct the inspection.  He or she will leave a copy of the completed check list at the property after the initial inspection visit.
  • If the rental unit complies with the provisions of the Code, the inspector will issue a rental certificate. 
  • If violations are found, the property owner is responsible for correcting all violations. 
  • The inspector will return to the property and perform the re-inspection.
  • Regular inspections must be performed on the property. Inspections of one and two family rental units (single homes and duplexes) are required every eighteen (18) months.  Regular inspections of multi-family rental properties (apartment buildings) are required to be inspected every twelve (12) months. 

If you have specific questions regarding the rental inspection program, please feel free to call City Hall at 515-279-3662.  If you need to report a rental property log onto:  http://www.windsorheights.org/planning-building/report-a-code-violation.aspx or call City Hall.