15 Jan 2015

HomeServe Sewer Line Protection Letters

Des Moines Water Works customers who are already receiving the water line protection package from HomeServe recently received a mailing in reference to sewer line protection.  Only existing water line protection customers of Home Serve should have received this mailing.  If you were not signed up for the water line protection, you should not have received the mailing regarding sewer line protection.  The water line protection will show up on your Des Moines Water Works utility bill. 

Both services are optional services only and customers can opt out anytime by calling HomeServe or filling out the form if they wish to no longer receive the sewer materials. DMWW has performed due diligence on the water line protection that has been offered since 2013 for $3.99/month. DMWW has performed no review of the HomeServe sewer product. Unlike the Water line protection that is billed on DMWW’s statement, sewer line protection will be billed directly by HomeServe to customers opting to purchase this product. Neither the City nor DMWW endorses the product and it’s simply an opportunity as described in the product information. Customers can cancel water line protection at any time if they wish by calling 855-695-1493 and do not have to sign up for the sewer protection unless it makes sense to them.