31 Jan 2017

Home-Based Business Registration Reminder

Are you starting or have an existing home occupation? Registration with the City is required on an annual basis and the cost is $25.00. To determine if you need to register, the following questions can help you. If you answer yes to any of these, please contact the Planning Director at 645-6826 or click the link below for a registration form and permit requirements. If your response to these questions is generally no, then your operation is permissible and no registration is required.

  • Is an inventory or merchandise stocked on the premise?
  • Is the house address regularly advertised and/or listed as a business address?
  • Does the activity involve the regular delivery of merchandise to the residence?
  • Does the activity take place on a frequent or regular (daily/weekly/monthly) basis?
  • Are persons other than the immediate family members employed at the work site?
  • Does the activity create a business atmosphere in the neighborhood and/or result in increased noise, litter, traffic congestion, or unsightliness?

Please understand that these criteria serve as guidelines/indicators and that other factors may be relevant in a particular case. Even though the activity my initially be considered a permissible home occupation, you run the risk that in the future it may not be considered such because of expansion of or changes to the operation.  If these criteria are not being met appropriately and a violation of the Zoning Code becomes evident, then the City would be compelled to take required action for abatement. 

Registration form and permit requirements