18 Oct 2016



                                           Board of Adjustment


City Council Chambers (Public Safety Building) 1133 66th St.

Windsor Heights, IA


Wednesday, October 26, 2016

   5:30 PM




1)       Call to Order/ Roll Call

2)       Approval of the Agenda

3)       Approval of the Minutes:

    a)     August 10, 2016

4)       Consideration of Revocation or Possible Action on Conditional Use CUP02-12 6901 Center St

5)       Discussion and Possible Action on Airbnb

6)       Adjourn




Board of Adjustment


Dave Knau



Sara Walker

Donna Markley

Chaden Halfhill

Chris Kannapel






*it is possible that members, including a quorum of members, of the City Council and other committees may be present. No business will be discussed outside of this agenda.