02 Feb 2016

2014 Paving Project (Phase 4)

Sunset Terrace between 73rd Streetand 6500 Sunset

 The City of Windsor Heights is the early planning stage of a project located on Sunset Terrace between 73rd and 6500 Sunset, for which the consulting engineer (MSA Professional Services) is conducting survey work to provide a basis for a potential street reconstruction and water main replacement project.  Please note that after the preliminary design has been completed, a public meeting will be held with residents, City staff and the design Engineer to discuss the project (including items such as driveway access, schedule, etc.).  We look forward to your attendance therein.  Until then, Field survey crews will be conducting preliminary work sometime in the two weeks from 02/02/16 to 02/12/16 (weather permitting).  Work will generally be conducted in within the City’s right-of-way along Sunset Terrace between 73rd Street and 6500 Sunset.  Survey crews will generally consist of one person with a GPS unit or two people with optical survey equipment. 

 If you have any questions about this work, please contact Doug Stone, at 515-645-6825, or the consulting Project Engineer, Nichole Sungren of MSA Professional Services at 515-635-3404.